Definition for PMSE

PMSE means "Program Making and Special Event" and denotes a part of applications, which are named internationally „Services Ancillary for Programme-Making“ and „Services Ancillary for Broadcasting“ (SAP/SAB), to which also “Electronic News Gathering“ and „Outside Broadcasting“ (ENG/OB) are belonging.

Typical PMSE-components are wireless video cameras, microphones, in-ear monitors, conference systems, talkback- and intercom devices, data links (e.g. for remote control), and so on. PMSE covers therefore all wireless equipment used at the front end of all professional productions, like stage productions, public events, TV program production, installation in conference centers/rooms, city halls, musical and theatres, sport/event centers or other professional entities or installations.

PMSE covers

Services Ancillary for Programme-Making (SAP)
Services Ancillary for Broadcasting (SAB)
Electronic News Gathering (ENG) and Outside Broadcasting (OB)

As defined in ERC Report 38 and ERC Report 42 (see also ITU-R Report BT.2069 and ECC Report 002) including wireless production tools used for front-end solutions (audio, video, data) in the field of professional multimedia production (from radio and television to art, culture, conferences, trade fairs, entertainment applications, education, sport events and much more).


Examples for PMSE Components:

Video cameras
In-ear monitors
Conference systems
Intercom devices
Data links (e.g. for remote control)