Objectives of the project

There are three major obejctives of the project:

R&D on the cognitive system and procedures for PMSE by development of system components, like antennas, scan receiver, scan controller, cognitive engine, data base and so on, measurement- and test procedures as well as channel-, interference- and coexisting models as reference for the standardization and regulation activities.

Setting up a field trial platform for cognitive PMSE applications at the fair grounds of Messe Berlin, technical and economical proof of concept of the cognitive methods for PMSE and realizing an open and modular R&D platform for future research.

Supporting frequency regulation and standardization by setting up a forum to discuss and prioritize necessary actions concerning cognitive PMSE on national, European and worldwide level as well as active collaboration with ITU, ETSI, CEPT and Bundesnetzagentur by using the project results and the preparatory work of the Special Task Force ETSI STF 386.